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Meet The Friends

Delbert:  a very polite dragon who loves Superman comics and every song he hears.

Favorite food: Pepperoni pizza

Buster:   a 2-year-old dog  (that’s 14 in dog years) born in New Jersey -

He sees arguing as an art form and likes to practice every chance he gets.

Favorite food: anything from Taco Bell

Zacharia Blue: Buster’s cantankerous old hound dog uncle.

Favorite food: Kibbles and Bits.

CoCo: a baby chimpanzee, who talks softly, but carries a big screech - She’s sweet as can be however, ear protection is advised.

Favorite food: Bananas

NoNo: a mountain gorilla cousin who doesn't like bananas. 

Favorite food: Trees and bushes

Cletus: a monkey cousin who’s a big fan of the Texas Rangers . .  the law enforcers and the baseball team.

Favorite food: Bananas and Rangers’ peanuts

Yorgi:  a rare Ukrainian cousin orangutan who can’t tell when a song is over.

Favorite food: Fruits and vegetables

Oochidiwada: great, great, great, grand cousin of  CoCo, Cletus, NoNo, and Yorgi.

 Favorite food: He seems to like microphones

Charley Joe: a 4-ft tall crow employed by farmer John as a scarecrow, moonlights as a railroad worker, but really wants to be a baker.

Favorite food: Corn

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